Why Having an Agent is Better than Buying Life Insurance Online

Life Insurance PolicyPeople purchase things online all the time – washing machines, shoes, cars, food, why not life insurance? Most life insurance websites, including this website, don’t allow you to purchase life insurance entirely online. Why not? In short, it’s because life insurance agents can help you in ways that your computer can’t. Read the following three reasons that having a life insurance agent is better than buying a policy online.

Life insurance is tailored to suit your needs†† ††Life insurance isn’t a “one size fits all” policy. A life insurance agent can help you figure out what type of policy you need, how much coverage is enough for your family, and whether or not you can qualify for a policy without a medical exam. An agent can usually offer you more options (and can better explain those options) than a website can. Most insurance policies also require you to answer a lot of questions, and an experienced agent can explain those questions and record your answers much faster than if you answered them online.

Life insurance agents are more likely to find affordable coverage options for people who are considered “high risk††† If you’ve ever had a heart condition, cancer, AIDS, or other health conditions or if you have a high risk occupation, you may be denied by some life insurance companies. However, if you have a life insurance agent, he or she can help you find affordable plans that you can qualify for. Your agent can also contact you later on if a better plan becomes available, a service you probably won’t find online.

Agents are people, just like you.††† They understand why your family needs coverage, why you have a budget, and why life insurance can be a difficult thing for some families to talk about. They’ll also know how to help you if your needs change in the future and how to help your family when you do pass away. When you have a life insurance agent, you’ll always have a human being there to answer your questions – not an automated voice message that requires you to press buttons. Agents are there to help you provide protection for your family.

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