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We at First Guaranty Insurance Company deliver quality life insurance in a seven state region. We are growing, but it is not just because we sell a lot of insurance. It is because we sell the right insurance policy at the right price to fit your situation.

What good is a life insurance policy if you can’t make your premiums? Our agents will give you straight talk about what we offer and will ask you the right questions to determine your needs.

The word is spreading. We won’t sell you something you don’t need and can’t pay for. This is why our policyholders refer us to their friends and family members. Call today and ask for one of our local agents to contact you.

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Our History

Guaranty Burial and Life Insurance Company was chartered by H.H. Howard and his wife Nola. It was incorporated under the laws of the Arkansas Insurance Department as a legal reserve and stipulated premium insurance company and it’s home office was in the city of Blytheville, Arkansas.
Mr. Howard started the Company to offer the consumer more coverage than the Burial Association limit of $500.00 at that time. Later, with a great interest in the insurance market, Mr. Howard was elected as State Representative for Missississippi County (Blytheville, AR) and he was asked to serve on the Insurance Committee.
H.H. and Nola Howard formed a new stipulated premium insurance company and named it Howard Burial and Life Insurance Company. The home office of Howard Burial and Life was in Blytheville, Arkansas. Howard Burial and Life then reinsured all policies Guaranty Burial and Life had issued. This was done to connect their funeral home, Howard Funeral Service, with the insurance company.
Ruby and Sheldon Madden purchased Howard Burial and Life Insurance Company from their friends H.H. and Nola Howard. The Maddens were also very involved in the funeral business in the state of Arkansas and used this opportunity to sell insurance through their and other funeral homes in the state. At this time, Sheldon determined that a new name should be given to the Company to give it a different image in the light of its new ownership. He selected Guaranty National Insurance Company in recognition of the company’s original name. Its home office and principal place of business was moved from Blytheville to Ashdown, Arkansas and it was converted back to a legal reserve company.
Guaranty National Insurance Company was renamed First Guaranty Insurance Company to accommodate our growth outside of the state of Arkansas.
We have been providing quality insurance with excellent service for 50 years. The fact that we have remained a presence in the insurance industry for a half century means we are doing something right. The solid foundation and beliefs which Mr. Howard and Mr. Madden instilled in this Company have proven to be monumental to its success, and First Guaranty has had nothing less than steady growth each year of operation while continuing to be one of the few Arkansas domiciles operating in a multi-state region.

Our Committment to the Community

We believe that talent and resources are items to be shared, so we encourage our staff or team members to participate in civic organizations and community project fundraising. In addition to our staff or team members’ contributions, our Company makes a yearly contribution to the scholarship and FFA programs within the school districts in Little River County.


Letter From the President

Great products, great service, and great agents make the difference for us.


Each of our life insurance products are designed to fit different situations and phases of life.

Everyone needs life insurance, but hardly anyone has the same needs! This is why we offer policies with different face value ranges, riders, and payment options.

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